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The Professional Choral Institute is unlike any other program in the nation.  A collaboration between the worlds of art and academia, the focus of PCI is to usher singers from talented amateurs to professional musicians. New to PCI 2012 is an exciting program that will afford aspiring conductors the opportunity to rehearse and conduct both Seraphic Fire and the PCI Choir.

The University of South Florida and South Florida’s own Seraphic Fire are thrilled to team up for the second annual Professional Choral Institute. PCI is a two week long program that will focus on teaching 40 undergraduate, graduate, and pre-professional singers the skills needed to move into the growing field of professional choral singing. There is no age limit for participation. Areas of vocational training will include:

  • vocal technique
  • rehearsal comportment
  • audition skills
  • résumé evaluation
  • headshot evaluation

Perhaps the most exciting element of PCI is that its participants will work with Seraphic Fire to perform motets of J. S. Bach and Felix Mendelssohn.

*NEW THIS YEAR* PCI Conducting Program
The Professional Choral Institute Conducting Program will offer a unique chance for conductors to work with both the PCI Choir and Seraphic Fire. Conductors wishing to improve their skills in the areas of score study, physical gesture, rehearsal technique, and musicianship are encouraged to apply. Conductors admitted to the program can expect:

  • podium time with the PCI Choir on a daily basis
  • two masterclasses in which conductors will work with the combined forces of PCI and Seraphic Fire
  • two performances in which participants will conduct the PCI Choir
  • lessons with both Patrick Quigley and Dr. James Bass
  • forums for professional discussions among the conducting participants
  • selected conductors will sing with the PCI Choir in addition to their conducting responsibilities

The University of South Florida offers the perfect setting for this innovative program.  More specifically, PCI will make its home in USF’s newly-opened Performing Arts Teaching Facility.  State of the art technology and a meticulously engineered acoustic in its 500-seat concert hall makes this facility ideal for aspiring singers.  The fact that USF sits in the beautiful coastal city of Tampa is just icing on the cake.

Click on the apply link above to get started.  There is no fee to apply.

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